I know – Thanksgiving was last week. But actually I read so many texts about people who are thankful, that inspired me. And you can and should be thankful the whole year.

At the moment I struggle sometimes. I started my studies in October, got to know a bunch of new people and a new city. I know that I am lucky. I can study what I want and live on my own in a shared flat. This is not to be taken for granted. There are a lot of people everywhere who do not have this opportunity. Sometimes I remind myself when I am on my way to university how cool this is. It does make me smile.

On the other hand there are always those tiny problems coming around the corner which make life a little bit harder. A broken washing machine or problems with the internet in our flat… Those things sometimes let me forget how beautiful life is. 

But then there is a good talk with friends. Or we are having a fun time while learning Arab. Wonderful Christmas decoration. Helping someone by answering questions about my studies. Sending dumb book recommendations to my brother. A nice text I have to read for a seminar. A good movie. Coffee in the morning. Listening to music. Making Christmas presents for my loved ones – selfmade! Wearing make-up because I want to. Sitting at my desk, surrounded by plants and candles/chain of lights. And so much more.

Those are tiny moments/things in my everyday life which make it worth living it. I believe that it can sometimes help to sit down and be thankful for a moment. If this does not help, maybe it is time to cry out loud and be angry for a moment – that is okay as well. Sometimes one needs that. And it does not make you a worse person. But always remind yourself: you are worth to be thankful for.