School in Germany and in France

I’ve never realised what it means to have school until 5:20h pm.
In Germany I had school till 1 pm or maybe 3 pm. I didn’t eat often at school, often we went to the supermarket to buy lunch. We also have semesters in Germany and the school notes 1 (best) to 6.
Here in France my world changed a lot!
I have every day without Wednesday school until 5:20 pm. That means 9 lessons.
If I won’t have a lesson I have something called “études”. You go in a big room and can do your homework or read a book, but you have to be quiet.
We have 1 hour for lunch and we eat in our cantine, that’s here pretty normal and the food isn’t very bad and its enough (or too much).
In our tests we get the school notes 1 to 20, twenty is the best. You can also have 16,75 or something like that. Every Friday we write a test in the last two hours. Afterwards you’re ready for the weekend!
And the French have trimesters, not semesters.
I’m in the French high school. In a normal French high school you have 3 options:
-class with the focus on sciences
-class with the focus on economies
-class with the focus on literature and languages (no maths!)
I’m in the literature class but we are only three students so we’re partially mixed with the economies class.
In Germany we have 16 different school systems because every ‘Bundesland’ has his own. The French have only one school system for all regions.