Back in Germany

I’m more than one week back in Germany.
More than one week in a German High School. More than one week of speaking german. More than one week of new things. More than one week missing my French family and friends.
It’s still strange for me to be here. I’m in a new school with new people. I knew only few before.
It is like the live in my French home stopped. But I keep in contact with friends and my second family. So I know it isn’t like that. They are still alive, go to school and work and live their normal lives.
I miss them very much.
But it is also good to be back in a German School. I understand everything and can follow the lessons completely.
In French yesterday I was good and it was pretty easy for me. In maths I understood a bit. But I have to do a lot for maths because I didn’t had every theme they discussed in the last 5 months. So I think I’ll learn a lot of things in the next weeks.
I don’t feel strong or intelligent or something like that when I think about my problems in the lessons at school. But I’ll be better. And I’m strong enough to do everything I want.
I was 5 months in a quite foreign country and spoke a language which I didn’t knew well before. But I stayed the whole time.
So I can do it!