In the end of June my friends and me went to the Schlei – which is a kind of an arm of the sea in the northern parts of Germany.
Actually it was a present for a friend but of course everyone of us enjoyed the trip.
We were five girls and stayed in a small house. So of course we had to cook for ourselves and the first evening we enjoyed dinner in form of a picnic at the baltic sea which was wonderful. We watched the sunset and listened to the waves of the sea.
The next day started late because we stayed in bed and talked, even after the breakfast. But then we decided to go to Kappeln which is a small town. There we walked around, watched the boats and bought some books.
In the afternoon we went to the baltic sea again. It was a windy day and after having coffee and cake in a cute café we went for a walk in a national park.
Just as we came back to our house it started to rain and so we watched a movie in the evening.
The next day it was already time to go back home.
Although we didn’t stay long it was a very nice trip for all of us and we had time to discuss, feel the wind in our hair, walk barefoot in the sand and relax after our graduation.