At the beginning of October I went to London with my class. After the long travel we spent our first day London Camden Town. Although there were a lot of people it was really nice there and you get hungry just by walking through the market with all the street food. But we were all […]

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The last week of my summer holidays I spent sailing again. This time we chartered the beautiful Banjaard and sailed from Rostock to different towns/havens in Denmark and back. The weather was good with a lot of sun, windy and high temperatures. My favourite day was wednesday and I am going to explain you why: The […]

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Last week, the week after Easter, I’ve been to Taizé again, for the second time in my life. I had an incredible bible introduction group and the group I went with was great as well. Although there were many people from Germany in that week, there were some others too. One girl, a Syrian refugee […]

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DIY #1

For a friends 18th birthday I made two little giftbags (the present is just impossible to wrap in gift paper). You know this kind of presents too? Here is how you make a creative gift bag: I draw some mandalas on the paper, but of course you don’t have to. Just be creative 😉 Material: […]

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In my town there are council elections this sunday. A lot of partys are promoting themselves in the shopping area and we talked about it at school (although not many people in my class are allowed to vote). In my opinion it is extremely important to talk about elections. I mean, we live in a […]

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Hello there 🙂 I’m sorry that I didn’t write anything in the last weeks. But I was busy doing stuff for school. And I didn’t travel much. Except a little journey to Winchester, UK, with my school’s choir. I don’t want to promise that I will write more in the next weeks and months. But […]

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In the end of the year we use to look back. I often think about what happened this year. It was so amazing! When I came back from my stay in France I was a bit scared at first. Because I knew just one girl in my new class. But now I can say that […]

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I’ve spent 8 days in Delhi,  India, in the end of November. The Modern School, Barakhamba Road, New Delhi, invites every year students from all over the world to the “Community Development & Leadership Summit” (CDLS). My school takes part in that project and so I had the great chance to go to India. On […]

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