The week before easter and easter itself I’ve been to Taizé, France.

Taizé is a community of brothers which invites mostly young people to spend a week or more with them to think about their faith, life and all other kind of themes. In the morning or in the afternoon you have a bible introduction led by a brother with discussions in small groups afterwards. But you have to do a work like washing up or cleaning the toilets too. Here you can find more informations:

I went to Taizé with an organisation and I was very stressed before I left. But in Taizé I had so much time to think about the last months, specially the ones after my exchange. There was time to think about New Solidarity because I joined a group called like that to prepare a workshop (so I had no work to do). In our group we discussed about stereotypes and prejudices. That was very interesting because in Taizé there are many people from other countries and so there are a lot of prejudices. We find out that there are prejudices who are true but there are many who are false.

But the group was only one piece of the puzzle. Because of all the people from different nationalties you have to be open. And all the people I’ve met there were open-minded and extremely kind. That made you feel like there can be peace. In Taizé there’s peace. And that’s unimaginable. You have to feel this feeling.

Another part is the prayer. During the week there are three prayers a day, on Sunday two. First I thought that could be hard. But it wasn’t. In the prayers you sing a lot. These special Taizé songs in all languages. And everybody sings not like in our church. It is so beautiful! The church is very simple and you have to sit on the floor. But you’ll calm down and you gonna know what you have at home!

And also easter. Easter is high celebrated in  Taizé and that made so much fun! The days before were a bit depressed but on easter sunday everything changed. The sun came out and there was an easter fire before the prayer. To the prayer came a lot of people (I don’t know how much bit it was a lot!). And so we celebrated with singing in the prayer but also good food afterwards.

So, all these parts made me thinking about my life. Specially my allday life with my family. And I talked to others about that (thanks for listening!). I still have to think about the questions I got in Taizé. But I also found some answers. And I calmed down.

If you’re interested in meeting people from other countries and cultures and to discuss or talk with them, you should go to Taizé. Your religion doesn’t matter, you just have to be open.

And I’m very sorry for not giving some more details about my week. But I don’t find words for what I experienced.