Personal Contribution

In my post about Taizé I mentioned a group about New Solidarity which I joined during my stay. For this group I wrote a personal contribution (the brother asked us to do that). I want to share this contribution with you:

Solidarity means for me to don’t ignore other people. It means to be friendly and kind to evryone. Because everybody deserves it. For me, everybody deserves peace and there can’t be peace without being nice to everyone. It means also to smile and help other people. If we help other people we can be luckier and it’s easier to enjoy life (and that’s what we all want, isn’t it?)

Solidarity means to keep action on our fellow men. It means to see the problems of others and find a way to help. It means to respect the nature and don’t pollute it. BUt it also means to don forget yourself!

I’ve choosen the second proposal: Committing ourselves to reconciliation.

In our workshop and the preparing groups we talked and disussed a lot about prejudices and stereotypes. It was very interesting because there are a lot of different prejudices from different nationalities (luckily we weren’t only people from Germany). I learned a lot during this group and I have still much to think about. Of course I knew before that prejudices aren’t true (but sometimes there are). But through this group I began to think more about my own prejudices when I see other people. And I started to stop having prejudices.

Now, after my week in Taizé, I go with a big smile through the world. Because I experienced so much peace with open-minded people there and I had some interesting talks. But I also have still much to think about. And so I started to be relaxed and happy. To enjoy my life, be friendly and kind to everyone (as a try to be part of the salt of the earth)

Because everybody deserves peace and kindness!