“Be the change…

…you want to see in the world.”
That’s a citation from Mahatma Gandhi (I hope you know him. If not you should search him on the internet) which inspired me during this week.
There are two questions in my head: What do I want to change? And how can I do that?
There are some things in the world which I want to change. First everybody should have enough food and a place to stay like a flat or a house. Everybody should have the possibility to practice his own religion without being discriminated or killed for that (and no one should kill anyone for his religion!). The children and the adults should have the possibility to grow up and live in peace. And the children should go to school for some years.
But how can I change that?
I can buy fair trade products so that the families get some money for their work. And I could try to buy as many local things as possible (specially fruits and vegetables so that they don’t have to travel a long way). But what is with clothes? Most of my clothes come from Asia so they are products from extreme cheap workers. I don’t like that but I can’t buy other clothes because I don’t know where to find them and they’re expensive. And it is also like that that if many would stop buying clothes for the reason of cheap workers in China, India or another country the families would get even poorer and that is not what we want.
But I can do some volunteer work like going to India or South Africa to teach children English, maths and so on. Or I could work in slums or help women to fight for their rights. There’s also the possibility to raise money for organisations which help.
That are the ideas I had until now. What do you want to change? Do you have any ideas how to do that? Write it to me and if you agree I’ll share it here in the next post.