I like to be free. But what means to be free? What means freedom?

Is it to do what you want, without any rules? Is it to break the rules? Means freedom to don’t respect others and just do what you like, without seeing problems for others in it?

I think there are two different kind of freedom. One kind is for everybody. It is to have a government and laws everyone can live with. It is to say out loud what you think, to eat and drink what you like and to have enough food. It is to have a job and your own money without being poor. It has something to do with security. You have to feel save in your home.

And then there is the other kind. It is to break free. It is to get out and do something you enjoy. For me it is travelling, listening to music, being in the nature and meeting friends. You could call it enjoying life too. But you have to respect others to break free. You can’t hurt someone just because you like that.

There is this special feeling. You feel free and strong like you’re able to do everything you want. And that’s what freedom really is. Just because you travel you aren’t free. You just travel. But when you start to enjoy it and you start to feel free and get stronger then you are free!