Farbrausch/ Holi Festival

Last Saturday I went to a Holi Festival with some friends.
Holi is an Indian tradition. They celebrate it as a spring fest. On these days it doesn’t matter where you come from, how old you are and which role do you have in society. This fest is very colourful because you sprinkle with pulver in different colours so everybody gets very painted.
In Germany we “celebrate” it as a festival with music. You have to buy a ticket and the pulver. It only takes a few hours and not several days.  But there are different DJ’s so the music isn’t all the time the same.
I enjoyed to go there together with my friends. And I really like all these colours. The music wasn’t as bad as I expected but it wasn’t my favourite kind of music.
The biggest fun were the colour splashes and when you see everyone styled in different colours afterwards!
A negative part is that you have to keep lots of action because of the pulver (you don’t want it to have it in your mouth, nose or eyes, trust me!)
But the fun was bigger than the negative part!!

Me after the Holi festival