This week I went to Berlin. Luckily I could stay at my cousin’s flat who lives very close to the “Schloss Charlottenburg”. That was perfect for me, because from there you have many possibilities to do interesting things (and of course because my cousin is very nice and I really like her :))


Tuesdasy; day 1

First I went to the C/O Berlin which is a very nice museum for photgraphy. I rellay liked the pictures from Salgado, there are very impressive even if they are in black and white. We live in a world with coloured pictures and lots of electronical stuff. But in Salgados pictures you see the world more natural like it was before all the high tech.

Afterwards I went to the Ku’damm (Kurfürstendamm). But everywhere you go on a shopping street you have the same stores, that ist so boring. And I’ve been on the Ku’damm many times before so it was even more boring. But then I went to the “Bikini Berlin“. That is a small shopping mall where many new designers have a shop. So you find there lots of new stuff. Of course it’s often expensive, but there are also labels who aren’t that expensive (I bought there a wonderful pencilcase, so it isn’t only expensive)

Then I went to the “Hackesche Höfe”. It’s kind of a special shopping mall because there are many yards in which the shops are. But in the houses there live also people. And the houses a very old so it is very beautiful.

In the late afternoon I went to the “Schloss Charlottenburg”. I didn’t visit it before so I decided to go there. But I only went in the garden and made a lots of pictures. The palace (from the outside) and its garden is very beautiful. The garden has been destroyed during the Second World War but they built a new one with many flowers and a small lake. It’s a big parc where you can relax too.


Wednesday; day 2

On this morning I had much time and so I went to Kreuzberg and had a little walk. Afterwards I went to the Falckensteinstraße and had an ice cream at “Aldemir Eis”. They made soooo delicous ice cream, and in some special categories too! But there are many ice cream stores at Berlin so ice cream lovers can get very happy.

I also visited the “Oberbaumbrücke” and parts of the “Mauerpark”. There are a lot of graffitis on the Mauer and even on the coloured an beautiful ones, people wrote their name or something else. I think that is very sad, because graffitis are art and you shouldn’t destroy art just to have the possibility to say “I wrote my name on the Berliner Mauer”.

In the afternoon I met my grandmother and then I returned to my cousin.

In the evening I went to the “FHXB Museum” in Kreuzberg. There was a reading under the title “Alles schick in Kreuzberg” (which means something like “everthing chic in Kreuzberg”). Lea Streisand and Sebastian Lehmann read some of their texts. I liked it really much. It wasn’t an event with many tourists, they were more people from Berlin. The reading was in the top floor so it was very hot. But you had a fantastic view over Kreuzberg and the Funkturm in the late sunlight.


Finally to say is…

…that Berlin is a city with many possibilities for everyone. You just have to know where the good events take place. But websites/magazines like “zitty Berlin” will help you to find the right program for you. And there are also many tourist hotspots like the “Brandenburger Tor”, the “Siegessäule”,…

In the next days, there are going to come pictures on instagram, so follow me to see them! 😉

And I’m trying to post more things in the next weeeks. And there will come some new things, so keep reading this blog.