Sadly the summer holidays are over for a week now. But luckily they had a nice ending.

I spent the last week of my holidays together with other young people on a traditional sailing ship. We started from Kiel and went to the southern part of Denmark. The first day started rainy but in the afternoon we could go swimming in the Baltic Sea (what was very funny with the waves). During the week the weather changed a lot but we could sail every day (when there is too much wind you’re not allowed to).

The others were all very friendly and I had a lot of good and funny talks. Even if it was a bit exhausting to hoist the sails, we all had a lot of fun.

In the evening we went to different harbours, and one evening we anchored near the danish town Sonderborg. We also sailed to the small island Lyo (danish). Together with 3 others I made a little walk on the island. Whenever you could see the harbour you saw directly our ship (yep, it was the biggest one :D)

But we did not only sail and talk. There was also time for reading our just lying in the sun. And everyone had to cook in a small group once. In the evenings there was also time for social games and small walks through the harbour town.

I think it was a really nice trip and if you have the possibility to do something like that one day, try it. It is perfect to do something in a group and to relax on the same time ­čÖé (by sailing you can calm down very easily)

And of course I made some photos. You can find them on my flickr-account