A Statement

To the attacks from yesterday evening in Paris.
First: My thinkings are with the victims, their families and loved ones and with the entire French population.
It began with Charlie Hebdo this year and I don’t want to say that this was the end. France has a big terrorism problem. But not only France. The whole world has this problem.
The refugee crisis just makes it real for Europe – there is war in the world. People are scared and leave their country, their home.
One part of our problem is that we fight back.
And we say ‘WE do something against terrorism!’ But is this true? Is this true, when we bomb hospitals? Is this true when we bomb places without knowing if there are terrorists?
No, it isn’t. We fight but we kill the false ones. And that must stop.
Because the people in these countries are scared and we scare them even more. And so they decide to flee to another country. And then they come to Europe, to Germany. But no one says ‘Welcome! You survived the dangerous journey, that is nice!’ We don’t welcome the people, we don’t help them how we should. With food, a place to stay, psychological care and a work.
We put them together in small rooms and expect them to be peaceful. But that doesn’t work. And so there are a lot of people in Germany who are scared.
They seem to be scared of everything. They are scared, that a refugee steals them their job. How could they??! They are not allowed to work here, they don’t even speak german!
Another part of our problem is that we do not listen. An attack happens in Paris, the city of lights which turns off their lights. But a lot of important buildings get enlightened at the same time in different countries. People post their compassions and prayers for Paris. But what is with the African countries where assassinations happen nearly every day? We hear about that, but it is too far away, no one does anything about it.
This is unfair! In Europe as in Africa die innocent people!
The only thing we do is to fight back and kill even more people. We are part of terrorism too. Because we sell weapons and by that, we help other people to become a murderer. But that can not be the right way.
What we must do is to try to find a peaceful way to solve the problems.