In the end of the year we use to look back.
I often think about what happened this year. It was so amazing!
When I came back from my stay in France I was a bit scared at first. Because I knew just one girl in my new class. But now I can say that I found good friends with whom I love to have fun, go out and just enjoy live.
I travelled much this year. Taizé (France), sailing and then India!
I met incredible and amazing people from all over the world, who I miss a lot back in Germany.
In my opinion we shouldn’t just look back the whole time. But sometimes it is important. Because in that way we can see what we have. What we did and what we are able to do.
There are positive parts (such as the travelling for me) but also negative parts (like the attacks in Paris or the refugee “crisis”).
I am extremely thankful for the positive parts in my life and the people who support me and of course for the people who read this blog.
But looking at the negative parts we see that we have to change something in our world. Like Mahatma Gandhi said “Be the change you want to see in the world”. We all can do our little parts for making a better tomorrow.
I don’t know how I can do that. But I am thinking about it. And that can be a small first step to a better world.