In my town there are council elections this sunday. A lot of partys are promoting themselves in the shopping area and we talked about it at school (although not many people in my class are allowed to vote).
In my opinion it is extremely important to talk about elections. I mean, we live in a democracy and we have the right to vote. By voting we can take part in the (local) politics. This is one way of expressing our opinion. One way of saying what we want and what we don’t want.
But not just talking about the elections is important. Far more important is to go voting!
Yeah, it isn’t easy sometime. You have to know which party or person you want to vote for (and you shouldn’t just see how rich they are, money makes no great politican). So you have to get informations. And you have to go to the polling station on the polling day.
But then you can say “I take part in the politics”. Just a small part, but even small things can be great.
And criticising the politics without having voted is definitely out!!
So if you are allowed to vote, do it!!