Last week, the week after Easter, I’ve been to Taizé again, for the second time in my life. I had an incredible bible introduction group and the group I went with was great as well.

Although there were many people from Germany in that week, there were some others too. One girl, a Syrian refugee who lives now in Luxembourg, told us about her country. She explained that Syrians started to fight against the things which are wrong in their country so that now there are big conflicts. (And there are terrorists who want to fight too) On one hand they lived a normal life, went out on friday nights and were like normal young people. But on the other hand, there is war in their country. The girl had to flee, because she and her mother helped Muslim refugees (they are Christians), she has a beautiful voice (she sang for us several times, and her voice is amazing!)and she stood up for the things which aren`t right. But one day, men came to her mother and said that they know her daughter. So she had to leave everything behind – her friends, her family – and came to Europe.

Why do I tell you that?
Because her story impressed me. Because I want you to know it. Because there are a lot of people who are against refugees, although they don’t know them. Please think about it. How would YOU feel, if you should leave your country? Is it really ok, to discriminate against foreigners, especially refugees? No. They are people like us. They need a home, food, water and everything you need. Maybe they did the same kind of sports in their country as you do. Maybe you share some interests with them. So please, don’t judge them. They left everything in their home country because they couldn’t live there anymore.
Normally, they are really nice people who maybe just feel helpless in Europe (because Europe is in some parts very different from Africa and any other countries). Go out, get to know them and help if you can. But please, don’t discriminate them, always try to see their position. (And maybe you can learn something from them, I’m sure, they can tell you interesting things about their culture and you could learn some words in their language too)