How to: SUMMER

Summer in Germany seems to be far far away. This week it rained every day and it was not very warm. So how to get in a summer mood?
Summer is life, holidays, freedom and enjoying fresh fruits. It is taking a (short) break from your every day life. Reading a good book while sitting in the garden or at the beach. Long nights outside with friends. It is the part of the year every student waits for.
So here are some tipps how to get in a summer mood:

  • Plan your holidays. With the preparation you start to get a good feeling about the summer.
  • Buy summer clothes. I mean, why not wearing a summer shirt when it just rains?! (Except it is too cold)
  • Buy a good book. You don’t have to be at the beach to read a good book.
  • Eat fruits like watermelon, strawberries, pineapple… These are fruits we know as summer fruits. And luckily it does not have to be sunny to eat them.
  • It is warm enough to go swimming but it is cloudy? That doesn’t matter! Normally you get wet while swimming, so it is not bad to go swimming while it rains a bit. (Except there is a storm, than you should not go swimming of course!)
  • Last but not least: Enjoy your life and be happy!!!