The last week of my summer holidays I spent sailing again.

This time we chartered the beautiful Banjaard and sailed from Rostock to different towns/havens in Denmark and back.

The weather was good with a lot of sun, windy and high temperatures. My favourite day was wednesday and I am going to explain you why:

The day started sunny and I did some yoga with someone from our group. After the breakfast we had the possibility to go swimming before we set the sails. It was warm and we enjoyed the sun on deck of the ship. Even reading a book for school (Faust by J. W. v. Goethe) together with friends made fun on this day. In the evening we could explore the small city Nysted a bit with a beautiful sunset. The evening ended with social games and nice conversations.

The other days were nice as well but I can not tell you everything. But what I can tell you is that sailing is great fun even when the weather isn’t as good as last week. Pictures will come on Instagram of course and maybe on flickr as well.