End of September I went to Hamburg to the 8. Klimawoche (climate week). I worked for the French-German-Office which was great fun.
On Wednesday we (the small team) arrived in Hamburg one after another and we got to know each other.
The next day and on Friday we had a stand in a mall downtown Hamburg. School classes went to learn about the climate (change) through experiments and discussions.
In the evening and on Saturday we had free time to explore Hamburg and take part in podium discussions and other events organized for the Klimawoche. It was very interesting to hear what other people think we can do to save our planet. For example less flying but also not buying stuff in stores we know they produce in bad conditions for human and nature.
On Sunday the other went home but I stayed for another day. The sun was shining in the morning which made a good start into the day. I drank a coffee at Public Coffee Roasters (they make extraordinary good coffee, you should try it when you`re in Hamburg!) and went to the Kunsthalle Hamburg. The Kunsthalle was sort of giant for me and I enjoyed my visit there. Also it isn´t very expensive.

Then – of course – I made a walk through the Speicherstadt. It really looks amazing and if it rains you can quickly walk to the next coffee roasters.

For the last night I stayed at a friends house. She is in Hamburg for a year so we didn’t see each other for a longer tie and had a lot to talk about.

All in all my stay in Hamburg was awesome. I met incredible people and had really nice discussions which gave me a lot to think about. The Klimawoche was very interesting. Although most of the events are for free it is very little frequented, which is sad. Because the climate change is a very important point to think about. So if you’re free for the next Klimawoche go there!