Taizé 2017

In august 2017 I wet to Taizé again, for the third time in my life.
It was my first time there in summer, which was great because it was warm and sunny not like in the time of easter. So it was very nice for everyone to go to the oyak in the evenings and sing together and enjoy the time.
My job was a “summer job”. We had to guard the silence at the source Saint-Étienne which was mainly about sitting at the dry source reading, drawing or writing and sometimes tell others to be silent.
The week was specially for people 18-35 and every day there were several workshops in the morning and in the afternoon. The bible groups took place in the late afternoon before dinner.
My job was in the afternoon so I could only visit the workshops in the morning.
The workshop the most impressive for me was held by the founder of L’Arche Jean Vanier (89) and members of L’Arche.
For Jean Vanier loving each other and listening to everybody’s story is very important.
He told us that he visited Santiago de Chile once. At one side of the road there were living rich people in big houses with security guards and everything. On the other side of the road there were living the poor in slums. Nobody crossed this road.
Isn’t that weird? People living next door to each other but do not talk. They could help others so easily but don’t do it.Rich people seeing poverty every day and doing nothing about it. This is extremely sad.
And why? Because our greatest fear is to reach the bottom and having nothing any more. The contrary of peace is not war it is greatest fear.
But it is okay to say “I need help”, “I can not do it alone” or “I want to live in community”. To Jean Vanier those sentences are “magic words”.
There are people who can and want to help you. When you are sick or old you can not do everything by yourself anymore and why should you? Some thing are not that easy any more and maybe it is hard for you to do it but for others not. Maybe you can help them with something else. Humanity is about sharing stories and helping each other not letting anyone alone.
In the communities of L’Arche people live that. Members of L’Arche told us that they enjoy great things because they listen to each other and care about others. And no matter if you are young or old, disabled or not. Everyone has forces and weaknesses. In living together you can do great things and everyone can give his/her best to take part in helping each other.
“We can not change the world but one heart at a time” – Jean Vanier.