DIY – decorative jar for spices

When I moved out I found these lovely jars at Ikea – they are perfect for a creative handlettering session!
You just need:

– a jar
– a pencil to write on glass (I used the Edding
– maybe a pattern of the lettering you want to write in

1. You should clean the glass and let it dry.

2. If you are a little bit unsure you can prewrite on a transparency film or put a pattern in the glass.

3. It is better to test the pencil before writing on the glass, because sometimes it does not work like it should and in that case you do not want to have it on the glass (but as long as it is not dry yet you can wash it from the glass)

4. Now comes the fun part: write on the glass.
For each spice you can make a jar and so you get a beautiful collection of spices.