Last weekend I’ve been to a café and when I wanted to pay I had to wait a little moment and so I said to the waiter “no problem, I have time”. He then asked if he truly understood that I said that I have time and I said yes. His reply was: “this is beautiful”.

The following days I thought a lot about this situation.
There was a time when I went to the market absolutely relaxed and not worrying about time. But nowadays I just want to get my stuff done and so I hurry up and get stressed.

But normally I do have time and at work I am rarely stressed. So why do I get stressed in my free time when I should relay and enjoy my life?

I guess, I am often annoyed and so I just want to get ready with everything and forget that I should take my time.
Because after this scene in the café last weekend, I was really happy and smiled all the way back home. And this is how I want to feel. I do not want to be stressed, I want to feel good and comfortable with myself. Something I can not achieve by being stressed.