Austrian alps

The month of may is full of long weekends in Germany and so my friends and me decided to go on a trip for a few days.
We went to the Zillertaler Alpen in the region of Tirol, Austria.
The holiday apartment was on a small farm with lots of cows and we had a fantastic view in direction of the Hintertuxer Gletscher.
After the long time in the car we went for a little walk stroll on lake Achensee which has beautiful blue water and an enjoyable view.
The next day we drove to the Hintertuxer Gletscher to go hiking. The way went straight up at the side of a waterfall and then to another mountain. The meltwater went down the mountains in streams of water (picture on instagram) and we were surrounded by the sound of water and the chirps of birds. The nature up in the mountains is fantastic and mostly untouched, which is impressing. We even heard and saw marmots.
Up the mountain we came through a field of snow on our way which we had to cross. This was a little bit of an adventure because we had to take care about ourselves, the dog who was traveling with us and we had to test if the snow is still stabil enough and not to soft or slippery. But it was fun.
For the way down to the valley we took an easy and boring way, with some breaks for lunch and a lot of time to talk.
We walked 10 km this day and 600-800 m difference in altitude.
In the evening we played a game together and went to bed.
The next day we wanted to take a route starting at a reservoir and going up to the Italian border. But the last part of the street was closed because of wintertime and so we took another path.
It was an uninteresting and boring way which was for us a bit too easy to walk. Although the view was great we thought about not going up to the Berliner Alm. The weather was not so good and we did not feel motivated. But we did not turn around, which was super idea!
The boring way ended in a small valley up in the mountains with a tiny reservoir with amazing water (picture).
Surrounded by big, snow-covered peaks we enjoyed the small way up to the Berliner Hütte. There we made a break with a lot of sunshine and fun.
But then we had to make the way down because it was already late in the afternoon.
This day we had walked 18 km and 800 m difference in altitude.
Back in the apartment we were all tired but happy and enjoyed our last evening together before we went back home the next day.
Even if we were there just for a few days, it was an awesome trip. It made fun, was out of everyday-life and thanks to no wifi I did not use my smartphone that much. Thanks to my friends for the good time!