It took me six months to read the first book in my life.

As a child I always pretended I could not read but then I read a road sign and so my parents knew that I can read. Afterwards I began slowly to discover the world of books. My parents, especially my mother, always encouraged my brother and me to read. Not only by buying us books but also by giving us advice what to read. My mother bought me some classic books such as “Mary Poppins” because for her it seemed important to read this book. Also my parents stopped buying thin books quickly because we read them too fast. We got books for Christmas or as birthday gifts. There was nothing better than sitting comfortably in the garden or in front of the chimney and reading a good book. Especially when it got cold outside I still like to sit in a warm and dry place, with a tea or coffee and read a book.

Books open you a new world to a place which maybe does not exist or existed long before you were born. You can enter completely new worlds, create things with your own imagination in your head and escape the world you live in. You can learn about other people, events in the past or how to do things. You choose what you want to read and where and when. Books give you the freedom to discover what you want to discover.

“Once you learn to read, you will be forever free.”


In my opinion you can discover a lot about other people by looking into their bookshelves. What kind of book do they read? Fantasy, criminal, historian romans, classical ones, poetry,…?

When was the last time you read a good book? Maybe it is time again to take time for yourself and read a book, at home, in a café… Drinking a tea or coffee, eating delicious things and just caring about the story of the book…