As I now live in the eastern part of Germany, I am also closer to new countries I have not been to yet. For example Czech Republic and its wonderful capital Prague. So I went there last weekend with a friend of mine.

We met in Dresden and took the train from there. We took the train in the afternoon and thanks to a sunny day we could enjoy the beautiful landscape around the river “Elbe” in fantastic afternoon sunlight. We went to our AirBnB and enjoyed the evening there with talking.

The next day we went to the city. Our first stop was a cable car going up a hill close to the castle. But the waiting line was already crowded and so we walked to the Charles Bridge and the old town. Again there were many tourists but this seems to be quite normal. And the bridge is stunning. Again the day was sunny and warm – a golden October day. From the old town our way led us to the Jewish quarter with its overwhelming history. The cemetery looks a bit like made for a horror movie but they just leave the gravestones how they are. 

Jewish cemetery

We then went to Vyšehrad castle. On the way we had lunch in a small restaurant where not many tourists were. The food was good and not expensive. We were then full of energy to visit Vyšehrad. It was not as crowded as downtown and you had stunning view over the city from there. It is green there and you can visit the church (but the entry costs money). We then went to the castle in the golden sunlight. They have a reception control and so we did not go inside but went around the castle and enjoyed the look of the small houses and came to a point of the castle again from which you have another good view over the city. And again in golden sunlight – how lucky!

View from Vyšehrad

After dinner back in our apartment we again went to the old town and the Charles Bridge. In these parts of the city you still have gas lamps on the street which make a special light less dazzling than modern lamps.

The next day we took the tram up a hill just to enjoy the view and the tram ride through the city. Afterwards we went to a hotel and took a small cable car up a hill (it goes to a restaurant of the hotel). You can easily walk down the hill from there and enjoy another view of the city.

For lunch we went to a restaurant which serves Bramboráky (potato cakes) which are a traditional dish of Czech Republic and very delicious. In the afternoon we went back home.

All in all it was a wonderful trip and the golden October sun made it even better! There are a lot of thing to do in Prague, you can get a good view over the city from different points easily as you may have remarked reading this text.