One semester abroad

I believe that education is something very important and wonderful. Every one in this world should have the possibility to get educated. And so I am deeply thankful for having the possibility to study at a university. As I am studying something concerning intercultural communication I also have the possibility to go abroad for one semester and study at a foreign university.

Three weeks from now I am going to be in Tallinn, Estonia. I am going to study at the university over there but of course I want to learn something about the language and the culture as well. I hope to be able to get to see something of this country, because I have never been there.

In our first semester, last year, we already had to decide, where we want to go. I decided to apply for a place at a partner university in Europe. Because it is a little bit easier regarding the bureaucracy and the organisation. And I have mostly been to the Western parts of Europe, so it is a great chance to get to see something of the Eastern parts as well.

At the beginning of this year I received the message that I am allowed to go to Estonia. I then had to apply at the university in Tallinn and organise an appartment, book my flight and so on.

Now I have to write some thing for my Germany university and pack my stuff. But I am already looking forward to travel to Tallinn, meet a lot of new people and study somewhere else. Time is running by so fast and it is hard to realise that I won’t be in Germany in three weeks but once I am there I hope that I can realise everything and enjoy it as much as possible. Of course I am going to try to report a few things here.